Yoga Keeps Me Sane

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There it is. My year in a nutshell: doing yoga has kept me sane. (Although if I exposed the full truth, I'd elaborate about long Skype calls, wine, chocolate...) But it's the bending and breathing of yoga that make a lasting impact.

I've practiced on and off since high school always loving the balance it brough to my life. But when a friend that's been here a few years told me, "teaching in Korea's a good time to dive into hobbies," I didn't hesitate. I couldn't agree with him more, and I tell every newcomer I meet.

I've been practicing regularly since we got here last April, but balancing my work schedule and exhaustion, yoga time sometimes got set aside. in the past few months, I've tapped into Seoul's English yoga community, and it's help my practice all come together. (People in these Facebook groups have been great! Yoga in Korea, Satya Movement, Yoga Philosophy Group)

Diving in.Bessie Practicing Yoga
2 weeks ago I stepped it up, and I'm getting up 2 hours early everyday to get my yoga on. The initial rise is sometimes painful, but I'm all sorts of shiny as I get moving. I've always been the sort of person that's slow to wake up, but this is worth less sleep. Despite waking up to the dark, chill of my apartment, I start to warm. I love the long regular time to practice.

Practicing puts me in control of my thoughts. You know, that inner dialogue that puts all sorts of crazy thoughts in your head. It calms my emotions & makes stress and problems much easier to tackle. Yeah, and teaching kids all day, the slow breathing really helps with that.

Good habit started. Now it's just a matter of keeping it going.

Tree pose is my favorite.


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