The World's Best Korean Drinking Game

Written by Kyle about Korea, Republic of. Feelin' happy
The rules are fairly simple.  Drink a half cup of beer whenever you see one of the following occurances in your favorite Korean night spot.  When you see the occurance, use the hammer/whistle thingy to signify that a "Korean-ism" is happening. 
Out in Pyeongchon, Korea
Shauna with the whistle/hammer combination

Make sure not to point at the person(s) doing the Korean act, so as not to look so obvious as to what it is you are doing.  Here are the "Korean-isms" in no particular order:

1.  Someone who is visibly drunk. (if this is a Friday or Saturday night, you should see someone new every 5 minutes, but it is still quite easy on weekday nights)

2.  Two men holding hands.  (This is quite often in combination with number 1, but is also done sober.  Note that this isn't a gay thing, men just like holding hands.)

3.  A man carrying a purse.  (If a man has a girlfriend/wife with him, he will be doing this.  Sometimes I think men are just mules for the large purses of their significant others)

Out in Pyeongchon, Korea
This is what it looks like when a man holds a purse.

4.  A man in a shiny suit.  (Men like to wear suits and they like 'em shiny)

5.  Someone carrying a cake box.  (For some reason, people buy a lot of cakes or carry things in cake boxes.)

6.  A couple wearing the same shirts.  (This seems to be a popular way to show affection.)

7.  A foreigner drinking in the street.  (We foreigners are idiots and we seem to think it is fun to drink legally in the streets.)

8.  Someone carrying a fake luis vitton bag.  (I doubt anyone is carring a real luis vitton bag, so if it looks like one, just drink.)

Bonus points (i.e. drink a full dixie cup):

1.  Seeing one of your students.  (This happens more than we wish.  Sometimes, it happens when we are in bar!)

Of course, we had to try out this game before telling the world about it, so we set out with a bunch of other teachers, went to various public places (convenience stores, mostly) and played the game.  I can definitely say it is fun for the entire family!

Out in Pyeongchon, KoreaOut in Pyeongchon, Korea


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