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Three weeks ago there was Children's Day (which is B.S. if you ask me...every day is children's day).  Two weeks ago there was Parents' Day (a combination of Mother's and Father's Days).  Finally, last week, there was the day to top them all: Teacher's Day.

Just like a lot of non-religious based holidays, I'm sure that Teacher's Day has it's roots in getting people to buy more stuff.  If so, it certainly worked.  Throughout the day, we were each given various gifts from our students, ranging from soap to hand-made wooden make-up boxes.  I was expecting a card with some half-assed "Happy Teacher's Day" written into it, but even the cards had thoughtful sentiments in them:

Teacher's Day Presents
This was to another teacher, Sarah, but it is an awesome example

Well, it's good to know that the kids appreciate the lack of hitting them!  And look at the correct use of the verb 'well' at the end.  To top it off, it is written by Moses, who must have written this after he just got done inscribing the 10 commandments.

Here's a note that was given to Brian, a co-worker of ours:

Teacher's Day Presents

Of course, Bessie got one, too, from one of her students:

Teacher's Day Presents
I love you so much is a little wierd, but nice.

No notes wrere given to me, but I'm not a kindergarten homeroom teacher like the other teachers and because most of my kids probably can't get their finger out of their nose long enough to write.  Just you, kids!

Anyway, to celebrate our bounty of gifts, we had a little gift opening session at our apartment with the other teachers, X-Mas style: everybody opens one present at a time and I make them hold it up for a picture.  I would have made everyone say a heart-felt "Thank You", but it was too fun to make sarcastic remarks instead.  Check out some of the booty the teachers received:

Teacher's Day Presents
This was all I got: a bottle of wine, a hat, and some soap that smells like crushed pepper.  If anyone wants to smell like fresh pepper, let me know.

Teacher's Day PresentsTeacher's Day Presents
Either jam or skin lotion; brightly colored slippers

Teacher's Day PresentsTeacher's Day Presents
A bottle of wine; some crystal wine glasses ("lead free")

Teacher's Day PresentsTeacher's Day Presents
A bottle of wine and some clinique products; 3 sets of dress socks

Teacher's Day Presents
A hat and some green tea & broccoli body wash.  Tim was super happy to get them.

Teacher's Day Presents
Hand-made soaps

Teacher's Day PresentsTeacher's Day Presents
Bessie also got some kitchen ware (left) and a traditional Korean make-up box (right)

In short, Teacher's Day needs to be brought over to the USA.  It won't benefit me, ever, as I won't be a teacher back in the US, but it's a nice gesture for one of the hardest, and lowest paying, jobs in the world.


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