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Written by Bessie about Korea, Republic of. Feelin' normal
Well, we're really living in South Korea, and here are the pictures to prove it!

Our Apartment Building
There's our building - come inside & take the elevator to the 8th floor.

Our Apartment, Pyeongchon, Korea
Take off your shoes.  No shoes allowed inside Korean homes or schools.  Even in some areas in restaurants you take your shoes off.  There's always a ledge too.  Keep that dirt out!

Our Apartment, Pyeongchon, KoreaOur Apartment, Pyeongchon, Korea
Here's our hallway.  Closets on the left.  Bedroom on the right - literally a bed-room.

Our Apartment in Pyeongchon, KoreaOur Apartment-2
Our bathroom is the next door on the right (blog about Korean bathrooms).  And this is our "kitchen"  The fridge is in the tall white doors on the left.  And yes, our stove is on top of our washing machine. 

Our Apartment, Pyeongchon, Koreabuttons on our washing machine: Pyeongchon, Korea
And what do those buttons say?  Yeah, we have no idea either.  We just push play, literally.  Gets clothes pretty dry, then we hang them on a rack.

Our Apartment, Pyeongchon, KoreaOur Apartment in Pyeongchon, Korea
This is our livingroom area.  A friend lent us the couch, and we eat all our meals at the table.  We made the middle section by the windows into a desk for Kyle to computer program away.  The tree on the right is this fun sticker thing I put up. 
Kyle relaxing on our couch1
Here's Kyle taking a moment to chill on our couch.  The map is all in Korean, which makes things interesting.  You can see laundry drying on the rack.  We have floor heating & the top right plastic thing is an AC.

View from Our Apartment, Pyeongchon, Korea
This is the view out our window.  We have a view into central park, where we run 3 times a week.  All the tall buildings are thousands of apartments.


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