Xocomil: Fiesta en el Agua

Written by Kyle about Guatemala. Feelin' excited

Ok, ok, ok.  So it might not be as cool as seeing mayan ruins or coffee fincas, but I can guarantee, a trip to the waterpark Xocomil (pronounced Chocomeel) is much more fun.

Kyle likes Xocomil

I know that a waterpark in Guatemala sounds a bit odd, and quite honestly, you probably have a picture in your head of some second-hand waterslides from the States combined with a slip-and-slide, but Xocomil is the real deal.  If I had to rate it against the ones I have been to in the States, I would honestly put Xocomil ahead of them.  Why?

1.  It´s impecably clean.  I don´t think I saw one piece of trash on the ground.
2.  There is one store to buy souvenirs.  One.
3.  Kind of an addendum to the point above, but they really don´t push you to buy things.  None of that "we´ll hound you for a photograph so that you can buy it later for 20 bucks".

4.  The slides are really, really good.  Everything was worth riding at least once.

5.  There were hardly any lines for any of the rides.  We could go down a slide whenever we wanted.

6.  The food was reasonably priced and actually cheaper than a lot of restaurants in Guatemala.
7.  It´s in the forests of Guatemala!!

Check out some of the scenery there.  Could you even guess this existed in the middle of the western coast of Guatemala?

A Lazy River Xocomil Sides at Xocomil Slides at Xocomil

If you really want to experience the awesomness that is Xocomil, check out this video that includes a first person view of a trip down a waterslide:


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