Fuentes Georginas: Hot Tub El Natural

Written by Kyle about Guatemala. Feelin' happy
So, we´ve been studying, learning, and hiking a lot, but this is supposed to be relaxing at some point, right?  I mean, don´t get me wrong, I´m not complaining about all of the awsome experiences we´ve been having, but we haven´t really done a lot of R and R since (unless R and R stands for Reading Spanish books and wRiting spanish verbs).  Last Sunday was different, as we got to go to some natural hot springs near by and bathe in earth´s version of a hot tub: Fuentes Georginas.

As is often the case in a country like Guatemala, getting there was half the fun.  We arrived there in the back of a pickup truck as it made its way through small, widing roads passing mountains and farms along the way.  Some vegetables were so fresh that we could actually smell them as we drove by (especially the onions)!  Just to give you a glimpse, here was the scenery along the way:

The Guatemalan Highlands

The Guatemalan Highlands

After about 45 minutes of this stunning scenery, we came apon the entrance of Fuentes Georginas, our little piece of heaven for the week.

Fuentes Georginas is Hot!

Basically, the hot water seeps out from the rocks and creates little trickles of water that end up in a large pool (shown above).  The overflow from this pool ends up in a couple of other smaller pools, which are a bit less hot than the "main" pool.  Initially, we tried to enter the "main" pool, but we thought we might end up cooking our skin, so we moved to one of the other pools.

After about 10-15 minutes of warming our bodies in the "kiddie" pools, we moved back into the main/adult pool and pretty much stayed there for the next 4 hours our so, minus food and bathroom breaks.  We eventually worked our way up to touching the wall and the water as it dripped from the rocks.  We seriously could have brought a tea cup and a tea bag and made ourselves some tea as the water was scalding hot. 

Man, the earth is freakin´hot!


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