Suchitoto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Written by Kyle about El Salvador. Feelin' normal
Over the weekend, while we were sleeping (read: we slept in), we were wooped away by a powerful tornado (read: crappy car) and deposited in the magical land of Suchitoto, San Salvador.  What's magical about Suchitoto?  Well, let me tell you:

Crazy Rock Formation

Suchitoto 33

They look like a bunch of pieces of firewood right?  Well, considering the name for them in Spanish is Los Tercios (the fire logs), you would be correct.  How did they get there?  How were they formed?  Probably magic.

Pristine Lake

Suchitoto 54

Ok, well it's not pristine.  Actually it's quite polluted.  But, if you look hard enough, you could probably find yourself a magical 3 eyed fish.  Rumor has it that quite often pre-Columbian artifacts wash ashore.  That's pretty magical!

Crazy Patriarchal Wizard-Guy

This one is going to be difficult to explain.  Basically, we were led around the house of Alejandro Cotto, a local artis, patriarch, and crazy uncle figure all rolled into one.

Suchitoto 56Suchitoto 55
Nice house, eh?

 He used his influence in government to keep the town from getting bombed during the civil war and now you can have him lead you through a tour of his expansive house.  The tour includes a descripiton of everything in the house, right down to the toaster and the bars on the window, where the stuff came from, why he has it, etc.  That would be fine and all, but it's kind of like being led around by Harry Caray for a couple of hours: he's entertaining, but you get the sense that when you aren't looking, he's taking a swig of whiskey.   He's magical in his own special way...

Cigar Rolling

Suchitoto 49

This one is truly magical.  Where else can you learn to roll a cigar from a 80+ year-old lady who has over 50 years of experience doing so?  By the way, if we ever need to make money, apparently Bessie is quite the good cigar roller.  At $1.25 for 40 cigars, she better get rolling...

Well, after touching our heels together and chanting, "there's no place like home" (read: we had to work on Monday), we were magically transported back to our apartment, just where we started (read: we drove).


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