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A Failure in Pet Store Marketing

Written by Kyle about Korea, Republic of. Feelin' scared
It seems as if the pet store is a little desperate to sell thier cats.

Poor Cat!

A Korean Home Cooking Lesson

Written by Bessie about Korea, Republic of. Feelin' excited
My favorite thing about being in Korea is the food.  It's healthy, chock full of flavors, and spicy - something I've finally learned to appreciate since travelling.

I was pretty pumped when a Korean mother and friend of ours, Helen, invited Kyle and I over for lunch & a little cooking lesson.  She of course prefaced it all with a humble, something along the lines of "I can't cook everything", but man, she can cook.  And it was super adorable, she had it all set up like a cooking show with all the glass bowls with the foods already prepped: the onions finely chopped, garlic minced, and eggs already cracked.

Or, "How to kind of look like you know what you're doing in a Korean restaurant". 

Note that I'm qualifying the name of the restaurant with "generic" only because there are better tofu restaurants in town.  I'm only highlighting this one here because of the process, which is a little daunting, especially to a first-time visitor. 

7 months and counting.

Written by Bessie about Korea, Republic of. Feelin' normal
We crossed the 7 month mark, and it's a good feeling.  The mental hurdle of reaching and crossing over 6 months was a big deal, and now at 7, I feel like we're sledding well down a snowy hill.  It's a little bit scary because you don't quite know what might be in store for you, but in general it's a smooth, fun ride.

I'm glad to be past those first few months.

Ppeppero Day!

Written by Kyle about Korea, Republic of. Feelin' normal
If you look at the date yesterday, you will notice that it was 11/11.  Veteran's Day, right?  The day that the armistice was signed for WWI, on the 11th hour.  But, if you spin your globe around and land in Korea, it is something entirely different.  In Korea, when people see four ones next to eachother, it looks like cookie sticks, yummy, yummy cookie sticks, which is a clear omen to go out and buy some.

Pepero Day!

These cookie sticks are called Ppeppero and are a product of the Lotte Confectionary Company.  As mentioned before, it is a long cookie stick, typically dipped in chocolate, but it can also be in strawberry, almond, or just about anything else that has sugar.  If you've ever wanted your cookie in stick form, (and honestly, who hasn't), this is it.