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Top 10 Experiences in Myanmar

Written by Bessie about Myanmar. Feelin' happy
I told a room of travelers last night that going to Myanmar is about the experiences - from the warm, generous people you'll meet to the traditions at golden shining temples and the disparities between the haves & have-nots - it's heart-warming and eye-opening. Everything you'll see is rich in history, and it's important to go slowly, and stop to talk with locals to understand what's going on. Rather than asking questions, the trick is listening and observing: plan your travels with plenty of time to stop and have tea with locals or practice speaking English with monks. Also, read up on current events before you go. You'll be surprised how the political history contrasts what you'll see.

Pyathada Paya, Bagan, Myanmar
Glorious Bagan - Pyathada Pagoda.

On the Telecommuting Debate & Travel

Written by Bessie about Mexico. Feelin' thoughtful
A NYTimes Editorial today brought an important point to the telecommuting debate - that innovation can happen in the unlikeliest of locales. She gives the example of 2 Cornell University staff from different fields that came up with the idea for a research study about retaining women in the sciences at of all places - while watching their kids at swim practice, the only place likely to have brought them together.

This resonated with me since these past weeks working from Mexico I've met quite a few entrepreneurs that have sparked great business ideas for me, including adopting better work processes, new PR/branding ideas, and long-term business strategies. I even got a few terrific leads for travel writers I'm hiring. Had I been back in Chicago, I wouldn't have met these people or gotten these ideas. Period. I attend great networking events with tech people and small business owners, but I don't often meet writers and risk-takers like I met here. And I didn't meet these folks at a networking event, we were hiking together in Central Mexico, and getting a bit dirty I might add.

Our First iPhone Travel App: Launched!

Written by Bessie about Mexico. Feelin' excited
An excited hello from Guanajuato, Mexico! After months of long hours, our baby's ready to sell! Gretl Goes: Vienna is free to preview in the App Store - check it out!

Gretl Goes: Vienna launch
Download the free version & leave us a review about your favorite feature!